Sunday, February 28, 2016

Interesting week full of ups and downs!
Starting with the funny moments of the week: we saw someone get arrested, we bussed down a street that the bomb squad was on as they were actively searching for something, and we got caught in the middle of a funeral procession down a random street.
On Tuesday, we had a district meeting (our district is 2 other elders), and they made us cookies! It was really nice of them.

Thursday was my fortnight, meaning I've been in my area for 2 weeks! So we celebrated with French Toast!! It was so dang good. 

I gave a talk on Sunday about honesty. It was a really hard topic, because what do you say other than "don't lie"... but I managed to make it long enough! People seemed to like it. 

There's a new investigator named Emma! We're team teaching her with the neighboring elders. She's 15, and is probably going to be baptized soon! She's  really cool, the gospel is totally changing her lifestyle for the better!
I've become pretty good friends with the Young Women in the ward here! There's 2 sisters, one is 15 the other 13, who are half Brazilian. They are sooooooo fun, and they love us, so it works great! The other girl is the investigator, but her grandma is a member.  Her name is Clara, and she's so cool!
New favorite ice cream flavor!

Oh ya, there's a ton of conflict here between Catholics and Protestants. I thought everything had calmed down since the initial riots, but there's still a ton of contention. No wonder no one wants to hear from us, religion has caused so much violence in this city. Look up Shankill and the Falls, those are the main areas here in Belfast that we're working in. One is very catholic, the other very protestant.  There's even a gate in between them that closes at night. It's weird though, because none of the troublemakers actually practices their religion.

I went on splits with Sister Norin.  She's the sister from Sweden that knows the Grayson family.  Small world!!

The rain is relentless, but it makes people pity us and then they're more willing to talk to us, so whatever works! It rains just as much as Seattle, so it feels like home!
Hope everyone has a good week! 

-Sister Stapley

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