We packed so much into this week!!
Monday night, we drove up to Aberdeen for a conference. Sister Paxman, Elder Tullis, Elder Jones, and I instructed on planning and how to use the new Daily Planning Aid to best use every hour of the day. It went really well! I also got to catch up with some of my friends from Ireland that I hadn't seen in ages. Driving home from Aberdeen was a party as well, we had good banter. 

I had an exchange with Sister Wayne this week. She's been out about a month, but she is already a boss! Her teaching skills are really good and we had fun finding throughout the day.
That night, after the exchange, we flew to Dublin. WOOT! No problems flying over, but we didn't get to the flat til about 1am....ouch. It was a late night. The day in Dublin was great! We saw Boon, taught loads of Brazilians, ate delicious food, life was good :) I was with Sister Jorgensen, she is always good craic. 
Hanging with the Dub squad!
Boon made us a picnic!
Highlight of the week!!  We flew back in time for our friend Colins' baptism! He is a legend. We've been teaching him for about 2 months now, and he's had the coolest journey! He's from Scotland and is super solid. It was a great baptism, I got to speak about baptism. It went really well. Afterwards, the members had pizza and biscuits for us. It was so good, they just made it an awesome experience for Colin!

Wow, long one this week. Another bonus: the sun is out!!!!! It comes up around half 6 and doesn't set till about 8. Honestly it is such a blessing! The sun makes people so much happier here. I love it!
For P-day, we went to the Pentlands reservoir and explored a bit. It was so windy, it was actually crazy! We played capture the flag and frisbee. After all that, we came back to the mission home and played some games. We played signs, which went amazing haha. Then we played the cereal box game. It's where you have to bend down and pick up a cereal box with your mouth without your knees or hands touching the floor. You rip off a layer of the box every round, until at the end, it's just a piece of cardboard on the ground. Plot twist, I actually managed to get it. It was hilarious, but man I was so sore the next day!!
Food highlight of the week: Howies. It's this really nice British restaurant. A member from Washington took us. I had Cullen Skink...... it's actually amazing, despite the name. haha
Thank you all for everything, I hope everyone has a happy Easter! Remember the reason for it :) Love you!!
-Sister Stapley