Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Getting Tan!

On Tuesday we had an all Scotland conference. We presented about some new planning aids and it went pretty well.  It was fun seeing everyone, conferences are the best! We played a few fun games afterwards. In one game, we tried to eat a whole apple (core and everything) in three bites. Oh my days, my abs still hurt from laughing!!
Wednesday, we had exchanges. I was with....SISTER GARNER!!! Reunited! We had so much fun and taught some really cool people! There was a baptism that night for our friend, Victor. We went and took our friend, Cat.  She loved it! Sister Garner played the piano for a bit afterwards, it was so fun hearing her play again!
We had a couple other exchanges through the week. I was with Sister Muller from Switzerland. We had good fun! The best part of the week was definitely the sunshine!! Believe it or not....I'm getting tan :) Or more freckles....whatever. The sun has been absolutely beautiful! The joke is that this is our 2 weeks of summer, then it'll rain until I go home. But hey, I'll take what I can get!

General  Conference was good craic! I watched at the church with Rosen, Elder Stoker, and Elder Wright. We watched the AM sessions live, and went back the next day for the recorded PM sessions. I loved the talks about charity, they really seemed to stress the importance of loving everyone! When it comes down to it, treating others with love is the most important attribute we could ever obtain. 

Love you all so much, hope you get sunshine too!!

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