Another great week in Elgin!
We taught a lot of lessons this week! Our friends out here are so cool, they all have such different back stories and different interests. It's amazing how the Gospel has the ability to bless everyone, no matter what they've been through! We watched Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration with some friends on Saturday. Man, I actually love that film! Every time I watch it I get hyped about sharing the Book of Mormon with people. 
Funny moment of the week that will help you understand what Elgin is like:
So the bus times changed this week. There we are at the bus station waiting for our bus and right next to us is this group of 15 or so elderly folk. They start getting real worked up because the #36 bus has not arrived yet. One finally arrives, but because it was early, it just sits there not letting people on. So these old people start proper rioting. One yells "They're doing this to confuse the elderly!" and they start running as fast as they can to the bus and pressing against it. It was actually one of the funniest things I've ever seen. hahaha
On Monday we went to the beach!!! I love the beach so much, I think it's funny how often I've been to the beach on my mission considering I'm serving on a rainy cold island. But the beaches here are lush! We grabbed ice cream afterwards, it was a nice chill day.

Skyping home was great this week! Hope you all had a happy mother's day! 
Love you all, see you soon!!