Friday, June 30, 2017

"Houston, We're Preparing for Re-Entry"

AH another great week :) :)

Tuesday was my last zone conference ever. Crazy. It was all of Paisley, Glasgow, and Edinburgh zones. All seven of the sisters from my MTC days were there!  We all shared our departing testimonies. We've all had such different experiences and all changed so much, it was amazing coming back together for the end!  It was an emotional experience. 
MTC reunion

So, as part of the conference, all the missionaries going home this transfer are taken to another room and instructed, basically, on how to get a job, get an education, find a spouse, and such. Whoa, I literally have no idea how to be a real life adult!  haha  It was a hilarious meeting, mainly 'cause Garner and I were bantering the whole time.
MTC district reunion

Thursday, I went back to Edinburgh for my final interview with President Donaldson. It was so great to chat with him!! To be honest, I was really struggling with the idea of leaving the mission. It has become my home and my family! But President and I talked a wee bit, and I'm feeling more ready now :)  I love that man so much!
Last p-day we just chilled at the park, had a picnic, listened to music, it was a great day! The sun was out in full force, so I got some more freckles. Flip ya. I LOVE MY DISTRICT!

Not much else to report on this week. I love the members here in Alloa, I love the missionaries I serve beside, and I LOVE being a missionary! There is honestly nothing better. Life is so good!!!!

 Well, my boot broke this week. Worn out!  haha
Love you all, speak soon!!

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