Friday, June 23, 2017

Happy Father's Day!

It's been a great week!
We talked to people this week in the town center, it's been pretty busy with the nice weather!  It's funny, I've only been here three weeks but I'm already friends with all the city regulars, like the lady who owns the local bar and the men who sit outside the convenience store. We also went to Stirling University and met some really cool people. Stirling is the place to be!

There was a great Father's Day theme in church yesterday. It reminded me how grateful I am for my dad and for all the father figures I've had in my life! I am so grateful especially for my Heavenly Father, I know He loves us all no matter what, and He is always trying to bless us.

I studied this week a bit about obedience. Obedience is a key to unlock the blessings from heaven, but we sometimes see it as a way to chain us down. When we are obedient to God's commandments we can see the bigger picture. As I am, I can't see into the future or even begin to understand my path in life. But God knows. As we obey the promptings of the spirit and do what we can to follow Jesus Christ, we can obtain blessings that we could not have even imagined!
We've had dinner appointments on dinner appointments, I am SO grateful for the people here that are taking the time to feed us. The food is also flippin delicious!

Love you all, have a great week!

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