Oi tudo bem!! I feel like I'm able to say that because I literally hang out with Brazilians all day! haha
Christmas is so flappin' close!!!!!! Oh my days, I am SO excited!!! It's been a good week, but this next one is going to be even better!
This week Jonathan got baptised!! He has the biggest heart ever, it's been so amazing being able to work with him! He is a great example to me of how much someone can change. We will be hanging out with him and his friends around Christmas, they are promising to make some great Brazilian food :) :)
Last P-day we went on the coolest adventure yet! HOWTH! It's this little coastal town I've visited before, but this time, we went on the dopest hike ever! It was along these cliffs and up these rocks and MAN I love it here so much!! Don't worry Mom, I didn't go too close to the edge.....just close enough to get some epic pictures :)
This next week, we are having an All-Ireland Christmas Party! All the missionaries from Northern Ireland and from the south are coming up for the day and we'll be having a blast :)

Not much else to report on this week, we're just in Christmas Prep mode!!!! Also, we get to watch a movie on Christmas. Any recommendations? Shoot me an email! Love you all, and have a very merry Christmas!!