Monday, January 30, 2017

Sister Conference 2K17

This week was pretty awesome!
Monday I got to play sports. Oh my days, it was the best! Just running around like crazy and laughing at literally everything. Frisbee is definitely the favorite, but rugby is growing on me! Ok, I can't actually play, but kicking it is really fun!
Highlight of the week was definitely the Sisters Conference! We got all of the sisters in Scotland and Ireland together (about 60) and had an amazing day! There were great workshops about health, we played some games, did Zumba (embarrassingly...) and had some great spiritual thoughts at the end. It was so good to see everyone! There were some sisters I hadn't seen for ages, we got to catch up and have a blast!

What else is happening...not much! OOh I got to drive Bertha around this week! She is this huge van the mission home owns to help shuttle missionaries. I got to drive her to and from the airport. It was just like driving the suburban, except I had to shift the gears myself...on the left! Party!

We got to exchange with a couple teams this week. I got to be with Sister Eggett and Sister Brousseau. Man I love them! We had so much fun!!
Sister Paxman and I are continuing to have a party. Literally, it's just so much fun! We had out year mark this year, so that's crazy! To celebrate, we wore the outfits we wore when arrived at the MTC. 


Literally, I have been over here for a year now. Wow. I did not think I would make it this far. So much has happened, I've met such amazing people, had incredible experiences, and it has 100% changed my life. Missions are the best!

Love you, thanks for all the support!!

Sunrise over Edinburgh

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