Sunday, January 22, 2017

3 Short Days on the Emerald Isle!

 It has been a wicked good week, I love being a missionary!!

So Edinburgh is just the best. The buildings, the culture, it is just a safe environment! I could totally live here sometime. Being close to President and the mission home is awesome as well! 

Sister Paxman and I flew to Belfast on Wednesday. Oh my days, I love that city so flappin much! It just feels like home. It was great to be able to meet up with Sister Garner, she is honestly my best friend out here! We had a training with her and Sister Cheketts, who is a new STL. It went really well!
Thursday, we went to Bangor to have some exchanges. Bangor is the cutest coastal town, and here's the highlight of my whole mission.....IT SNOWED!!! WOOOO it was so much fun, it didn't stick or anything, but it was coming down hard.

On Friday we went to Dublin, my other home! I got to see some people that I taught and some members, it was just like old times! We had another training with the STLs there, Sister Hall and Sister Jorgenson. Man, they are bosses! We flew home to the Burgh on Saturday suuuper early. It was a nice little tour, we got a lot of work and training done, and now I am back in the coolest city on this island. Life is pretty dang good!

Today we are going  hiking  and so I'll have pics to send next week! Sorry I don't have a lot from this week, we are so busy that  I forget to take pics!

Love you all, hope you have an awesome week!!!

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