Thursday, January 12, 2017

No normal days in the Burgh

I'm so sorry this is going to be a really short email.  We are about to leave for Ireland. We're headed to Belfast for a couple of days, then to Dublin to do some training.  We went to Dundee this last week, it is beautiful there.

I live close to the mission home in the Edinburgh ward.  We have an area, but don't spend much time there because we travel so much.  There are 10 missionaries in our ward and we  run into each other all the time!  haha  But this is the university district- so there are lots of people. I'm comps with Sister Paxman again!  Paxy!!  One of our jobs is to sit in on planning meetings and provide whatever info we have that might be helpful.

I'll be spending most of the time in Scotland, but will travel to Ireland a couple times a transfer. I am racking up those frequent flyer miles!!

MLC was good craic, we had a ton of fun!

Dad asked what a normal day looks like.... there are no normal days! We are busy and every day is different and in a different place.  I love what I am doing!!

I miss Ireland a ton, but luckily, some of my best friends came to the Burgh with me!
Love ya, bye!

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