Friday, June 2, 2017

Where in the World is Sister Stapley Now?!!

So, I will start with the end of the week and work backwards.....

I got moved!!!!  I am spending my last 6 weeks in the legendary Stirling city and with the legendary Sister Lehtimaki! I am SO pumped...this area is amazing, the ward is the best, Sister L is hilarious, and we are going to work so flappin hard.  Warning:  I ma going to come crawling off that plane. :)

Saturday was Lee's baptism!  He was baptised in the Findhom River, it was beautiful.  The baptism, itself, was very special for this amazing guy.  It was the best feeling in the world and I know I was in Elgin to meet Lee and witness his baptism.
Findhom River
The weather was insane this week and it got up to 30 degrees celsius!  The sun was full force for 2 and 1/2 days and I got a bad sunburn.  It's all good, though, just prepping me to go back to real life in the states.

On Tuesday, we had District Meeting in Invergordon. Get this....their chapel is in an old closed down bank.  There is a legit safe in the main room, and to get to the family history area, you have to take the pin out of the emergency exit door and punch this little lock thing.  It is the coolest chapel ever!!

Not much else this week. Just the craziness of moving. I'm so grateful for my month in Elgin and everyone I got to meet. I'm so grateful I got to serve with Sister Christensen, she will continue to light that area up!

I'm so excited for this last transfer and all the miracles we will see.

"And thus we can see that by small things the Lord can bring about great things."  I love this scripture.  We are small and powerless. but by using us, the Lord can accomplish greatness.  We might not think the little things we do can make a difference, but every little contribution we make helps bring a greater purpose.

Love you all!

The road from Elgin. 


  1. Just wanted to say thank-you so much for being apart of my life and helping me make amazing changes,meeting you was an absolute pleasure, and I cannot wait to meet again. ( have mailed pics to u, and I'm waiting on ur gift dispatching then I will get it to you)
    Much love sis tc

    1. Lee, this is Sister Stapley's mom, Cressida. We are so happy for you and look forward to meeting you face to face. Our daughter thinks so highly of you. We wish you the very best and know Elgin is blessed to have you!

    2. Look forward to meeting you all,she's an amazing person, from an amazing family (love the family videos).I'm just so happy to have met her,her passion and enthusiasm in all things she does is inspiring.
      (sent a few pics to Facebook for you. Will be in request folder)