Friday, May 26, 2017

Aber-DREAM, Scotland!

Literally, what a week. Buckle up for this one!

I drove us down to Aberdeen for conference. It was an amazing conference and so good to see everyone! Shout-out to Sister Sams, it was her birthday on Tuesday. WOO! We took a train back to Elgin after the conference and then taught some good lessons. 
Thursday, we went down to Dundee for exchanges. I was with Sister Hill, oh my days I love her!! We had so much fun and it was nice being in a city again. I just talked to as many people as possible. 
 For morning exercise I finally got to run the Tay Bridge!! That thing is a legend in the mission, and it was on my bucket-list. It's a 2.25 km long bridge that crosses the Firth of Tay. We ran it so fast! My legs were so dead the next day!
Megan's view of Tay Bridge
Aerial view of Tay Bridge

We had a good rest of the week as well. Lots of lessons, the weather was rubbish on Saturday, but we were inside teaching most of the day. This next week is gonna be great, our friend Lee is getting baptised on Saturday!!!!!!!!!! Lee is like my older brother out here, he is literally the best. It's so cool seeing how the gospel has changed his life, he is an incredible guy! Saturday is going to be amazing.
Monday, we grabbed lunch with the Hebrides district since they came down for the conference. Afterwards, we went to the Spynie castle with the Smiths. It was so fun! :) It was a good thing I was in a  dress or I would have been climbing all over everything! Well...I still climbed all over everything, but never too close to the edge, I promise. 

Thanks for all the support from everyone, hope you all enjoy the rest of May and are getting pumped for Summer!! Love you all

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  1. Awww you like a sister to me too, this wouldn't have been possible without you and crazy christensen. All the best and see you soon hope you like your gift when it arrives xx