Monday, May 8, 2017

Bantams and Beautiful Days!

What an awesome week here in Elgin! The sun was out and I got more freckles. Aw ya.
So, Monday we had a pretty relaxed day. Got shopping done, walked around the town, it was nice! Today we'll probably hit up the beach or something, so that'll be cool! 
Tuesday, we took a train to Inverness for District meeting. I saw Loch Ness,  that was cool! Best surprise ever though when I got the the church.....CHLOE (Sister DeMille) was there!!!! WOOO!!! It was such a nice surprise, seeing her was def the highlight of the week! We caught up for a little bit, it'll be cool to see her and all my other mission friends back home! 
We taught a good amount of lessons this week and got some quality finding in the town center. We should have a couple baptisms within the next month! That's exciting! 
Other highlight of the week: We got to do some service! I built a chicken coop. Flip ya. Oh ya, not a chicken coop. A bantam coop. Totally different...haha.  It was awesome, there's a couple that live way out of town in a cottage on a farm. They are in good health, so we gave them a hand getting their garden and chickens ready for summer. Honestly, it was the coolest thing ever, it's so beautiful out there! The directions to get to their house are literally: bike for about 15 minutes, turn right at the pig farm, bike for another 20 minutes, they are in the one cottage you'll see. I love it!
"Turn right at the pig farm"
Church was pretty good, this branch is so nice! We have Family Home Evenings on Monday nights and our investigators get to come, it's so fun!
I got to study a lot this week about confidence. There is a great talk by Elder Holland that led me on a lot of great scripture chases. One of my favorite quotes from it is-
"God will also provide the means and power to achieve that purpose. Trust in that eternal truth." Anytime God speaks to us through revelation, He doesn't just call it good and leave us to our own devices. As long as we're doing out best, He will make sure we can accomplish everything He asks. And we can take confidence in that!
I love my mission so much, I'm so excited to see you all soon!

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