Monday, May 8, 2017

Meetings on meetings on meetings!


What a great week, full of meetings, but it was good non-the-less!

Colin's baptism. with Elders Bradshaw, Giles, and Moore
On Tuesday we had a new leadership training. We instructed the new STLs and DLs, they are going to help the mission so much!  It's great to see the up and coming leadership.
Wednesday, the new missionaries came in. They are also such powerhouses! Honestly, every missionary that comes in is better than the previous. It's going to be an amazing two years for them. We got to climb Pratt's hill as well, Sister Six and I got to talk about everything we are going to accomplish this transfer. It's gonna be a good one! 
Thursday, we had MLC. It was also a great meeting! The new STLs are going to crush it, I'm so proud of them! It was great to see all my friends as well. 

Our friend Dylan is getting baptised this Wednesday! He is from the Caribbean, is 20, and is a professional paintballer. Literally, he's the coolest! When I stopped him on the street we had a nice conversation about how faith can lead to happiness, and here he is two weeks later getting baptised! What a boss. 

Sister Six is an awesome companion. We are so similar! We've been having loads of fun and have gotten a lot of work done. 
I have had the opportunity to learn a lot about agency lately. We have all been given the gift of agency, the gift to be able to choose for ourselves. The commandment are given so when we choose righteously, we receive blessings. We cannot be forced to obey, or even do it complacently. Blessings from commandments only come when we choose for ourselves. When we choose poorly, we end up in situations that limit our agency and have negative consequences. By simply choosing the right, we ensure that we keep our gift of agency and get to accomplish all we need to.

Love you all so much, I hope you have a wonderful week!!

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