Monday, May 8, 2017

Stayin' in the Burgh!

Paxy and I have served together for 5 months.
With Paxy in the Burgh
I'm staying in Edinburgh! My new companion will be Sister Six. She was my very first exchange back in June last year. She is a chiller, I'm so excited! We are gonna have a good transfer :)

We went to Stirling for a day. Sister Brousseau and I got to spend the day together, it was so good to catch-up! I love her so much, and it was great to be in Stirling.

We had to stop by Glasgow for some business, that was fun! It's a huge city.
Monday, we went to the beach and had a bbq! It was so good, we grilled pineapple and everything. Best day ever :)

Sorry I don't have loads of time to email, it's moves week so we have a lot of work to do.

Love you!!!! HAPPY EASTER!!!!

My Petey is heading home

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