Friday, June 9, 2017

Stirling Struck Gold!

Streets of Stirling

I love Stirling so much!  We talked to loads of people this week and met some very fine folk!  The city is small and beautiful.  We've got the Ochils on one side and farms on farms on farms (with highland coo) on the other. It is gorgeous here!

The sun was out full force at the beginning of the week, then Scotland struck again.  We were teaching a lesson in the library when, suddenly, we're getting pelted with hail shooting out of the vents!  Then, a huge leak erupts in the ceiling right next to us and everyone scrambles to save the books.  Don't worry, all the books got saved and it was so much fun.

Scotland strikes!

The Alloa ward is amazing and the members take such good care of us.  I don't think I've ever eaten so well!

I'm not sure what else to share, we're just working our tails off here!  Sister L is teaching me some Finnish words and our district is boss. I'm just so thankful every single day that I get to be here.

Lee sent some pictures from Elgin!!

Love you all loads, have a great week!
Sister Stapley

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