So yesterday was UK Mother's Day, so Happy Mum's Day to everyone!!

Tuesday we were supposed to go to Ireland....but I forgot my passport in the car that is getting maintenance work done. I hope you are all happy to know that despite living in a foreign country without my parents for the past year, I still manage to goof up. Maturity is real, responsibility is still a work in progress though....Oh well, we had good times working in Edinburgh, instead.
So the beginning of this week was absolutely freezing and it was pouring and life was kinda rough. Then one day, the sun came out. And man, it was beautiful! We've had sunshine for the past three days now, and it's like Christmas came early! Yesterday it got up to 15 degrees!! I am basically tan. Basically.....
 We had a couple of awesome exchanges!! Sister Six and Sister Hebbert. I went on exchanges with them about 10 months ago, it's crazy how time flies and we're right back where we started! Seeing their progress is inspiring. 
Today, we are not sure what we're going to do. Possible the beach by Tantallon Castle again, it's supposed to get up to 13 degrees today and be sunny til evening. To be honest, it doesn't really matter where we go, this squad can manage to make it a fun day anywhere. But, Google Seacliff Beach in Scotland- you'll see it's practically heaven!
Thought for the week: Yesterday in church a woman shared about her mother. She shared about the Christlike attributes she had, and in what ways her mother was an example. On my mission I have been striving to attain different attributes that our Savior has. He is our perfect example! This woman  shared however, that we don't need to be perfect to be Christlike. That rang so true for me! None of us are perfect, but we can still work on becoming more like Jesus Christ and be happy with the progress we are making. 

Love you all!
-Sister Stapley