Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Galalalalalalalashiels and Lessons!

Crazy week here!
On Sunday we had quite a different day. We went out to church in Galashiels! Our friend, Cat, lives out there, so we took her to church to introduce her to everyone. Oh my days, Galashiels is beautiful!!! There's a whole bunch of farms and sheep and highland cows, I love it! I could die happy out there for sure. 

Our friend, Cat
We attended a little branch and the amount of spirit felt there is insane. We were in the middle of nowhere in Scotland with about 20 people in this little meeting house. These people give so much to build the kingdom where they live. Cat's baptism is planned for the 29th. We had a very special experience with her this week. So, the Piano Guys were the ones that got her interested in learning about the Mormons. One of the Piano Guys recently lost a daughter and that led Cat to pray and want to learn more about the church.  Well, that same Piano Guy has a son in our mission. Cat got to meet him and tell her story. We all felt his sister was present in the room.  We truly have help from above in this work.

Wednesday, we instructed at the new leadership training meeting. It went well! This mission has some amazing leaders, they just keep getting better and better.  Let me just say, though, we are nothing without the Holy Ghost. The Spirit works through us as we instruct. We could not do this on our own. So grateful for the spirit. It's fun that so many mission friends come to the mission home for training and the great reunions we have. This mission really is family!!

Tuesday, all the new missionaries arrived and we gave instructions the whole morning and afternoon. Again, it went well! The new missionaries are awesome, they are going to do some great things here!

Getting ready for leadership training.
 We met a girl, Lavinia, from Italy. We were talking to people in the city and she immediately sets an appointment. She has been meaning to find Mormons and meet up. We taught her and she said she was just curious, but by the end of the lesson she agreed to meet with us more. We told her the gospel blesses families and learned that is what interests her the most. We showed her the Family Proclamation to the world. SHE LOVED IT!!

Throughout the week we've been meeting with Collin. He is so great, we've been meeting with him for over a month now. He'll be getting baptised in a couple weeks! It's been quite the journey, he has come so far! He's gone from thinking there was no god, to believing and understanding he is a child of God. We are so happy with the joy he has found. 
 Monday, we hiked Pratt's Hill, it was so windy! Then we played frisbee at the park. Classic. I have played so much frisbee in the past couple transfers, it's insane. I'm gonna be a straight boss when I get home. Jokes, I still can't throw to save my life. We started playing frisbee for morning exercise.  6:30 at the fields with the 8 elders. It's so fun, honestly the best way to start out the day! Over the summer all the missionaries in Edinburgh would play and now that the sun rises earlier, we get to play in the morning again!

Tomorrow we fly back to Dublin again! WOO!! Literally frequent flyer. I'll have some good pics for next week! We've got exchanges on exchanges on exchanges as well,  it's gonna be a busy next couple weeks. Life is flying by, I can't believe it's almost April!

Hope you all are well, love you loads!
-Sister Stapley

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  1. Totally awesome. I wish I was on a mission. Super cool. You're my champion. :) Marcus M