Tuesday, March 21, 2017

I found Paradise on P-day!

Well. I don't even know how to describe this last week, so many adventures went down! We'll start with Monday.
We all climbed into Bertha (the huge mission van) in the morning and set off to a castle. We got there and realized it cost money to enter, which is something we don't have! So, we decided to keep driving until we found another one. Shoot dang. Tantallon castle. We roll up and start exploring. It was the most beautiful place ever!

 It's right on the cliffside, so we ran around climbing all over everything and taking pics. We played rugby and frisbee on the grounds, as well. Oh my days, it was so much fun!! Then we climbed back into Bertha and drove to the beach. This beach is what heaven will look like. We played frisbee again and ran around avoiding the waves. It was the best!!
Tuesday, we went to Montrose for a district meeting. It was a nice drive and a great meeting. Our friend, Elder Stevens, goes home this week. It was great to be in one last meeting with him. 

Wednesday, I went on exchanges with Sister Petersen! It was great to have a little reunion. 

Thursday, we flew to Dublin! It was the rockiest landing of my life. Like, I almost died. Not really...but the university aged dude sitting next to me screamed like a little girl!  That was entertaining. The day in Dublin was amazing! I was with Sister Kotter right in the city center. We met so many people!! Oh my days, I love that city with all my heart. 

Friday, we had a leadership training meeting in the morning. It went really well, there are a couple new tools that are being introduced to help the missionaries out. It was great to hear from President Thompson and President Kerr, the counselors in the Mission Presidency. They are both such amazing leaders, I have learned so much from them! After the meeting, we grabbed Vietnamese food with Boon, and then went out to teach a couple lessons. I got to see Bruno again! It's always good to go back to my city.

Saturday morning, we flew home flippin early. It was a great flight with lots of fun conversations and stuff. Then we went straight to the Scotland leadership training. Same meeting, but the vibe was totally different. It's crazy how the context can be the same, but people will get totally different reactions.

Sunday was a great stake conference at church. We had a lot of friends attend and the talks were so great! A lot of the speakers are recent converts who shared their conversion stories. It was so powerful! 
Hope everyone is doing well, I love you all!


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  2. I found Paradise as a (soon) to be Latter Day Saint. I can't wait for it all to be official and finally become a part of the true Church of Jesus Christ - All this made possible through the awesome work of the missionaries. MY CHAMPIONS. Keep on happening! Keep up the great work. :)