Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Break in Bangor!


So this was a fun week! There is a sister in Bangor whose companion went home, so she was waiting with us until she got moved to Scotland. Her name is Sister Stribling, and she's literally the funniest person ever. We got to go to Bangor for a couple days and teach with her. Bangor is a cool coastal town about 45 min by train from Belfast, it was so nice to hang out at the beach! There were tons of shells and the water was crystal clear! Too bad it was 30 degrees, but it was still fun to get out of Belfast for a bit!

So about Belfast, we only saw one arrest this week, so things are improving for sure! The IRA planted some car bombs so there were a couple bombings throughout Belfast.
We were supposed to get Stribling to Belfast to catch the ferry to Scotland the next morning, but the Elders told us the wrong time. So she got an extra day with us! It was hilarious though, we ran from the train to the ferry and back to our flat and back to the ferry with all of her luggage. She had 4 suitcases, each one about 50 pounds. It was a crazy day!

Sunday was Mother's Day in the UK! So we went white-boarding again in city center! We asked "What is wonderful about your mum?" The responses were really cool! 
Our friend, Emma, is getting baptised! We got formal invitations from her, she's super excited! (oh and they spell baptised with an 's' here)

We also got to meet with a lady from Portugal named Mafalda! She is really interested in learning, and she wants to be baptised as well! Only problem, she doesn't speak English. Luckily there are a few Brazilians in our ward and one sister translated for us. It went really well!
Modeling the Elders' hats
 Everyone wants to know if I will be voting for Trump.  Seriously, I have no idea what is going on with that...and we aren't supposed to discuss politics anyway.  That's about it for me. The days go slow, but the weeks are flying by! Hope everyone at home is doing well! 

-Sister Stapley

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