Tuesday, March 15, 2016


With our friend, Emma
Not much blogworthy stuff this week, other than the random murals we found! They are literally on a sketchy side street on the Catholic side of town, but of course we had to stop and take pics!
Our investigator Chris is amazing! He is in his twenties, has a sick beard, and is very knowledgeable on sports. He told me this week that Bruce Irvin got traded to the Raiders...dang it. Chris definitely has a testimony, but his wife isn't very supportive. His little family is probably moving to Utah in the fall though, so who knows what'll happen! 
The weather is improving! The sun actually comes out occasionally, so spring is definitely on it's way. We're supposed to stay out of Catholic areas until after Easter though, the riots are pretty bad this time of year.

My companion goes home in a month, so on her last month mark, we bought a chocolate cake and ate the whole thing for dinner. Best idea ever. We're also keeping up with our weekly French Toast Nights. We're not quitters, when we make a goal, we stick to it. We devoured a whole loaf last week, so you could call us over-achievers.
French toast!
That's it really, sorry for the short letter, hope everyone at home is good!  -Sister Stapley

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