Sunday, December 18, 2016

21st Birthday in Ireland!

 We had a great week!!

My birthday was really fun :) :) 21!! That's craziness... We tracked down one of the two 5 Guys on this island and had lunch, we went to the Ludlow's for dinner, and we taught a lot of lessons! Sister Ludlow made my favorite blueberry cream cheese pie!!! It was soooo good, I haven't had it in ages!!! It was the Ludlow's son's birthday, too.  He had a Texas sheet cake with super heroes on it.   
We had our ward Christmas party. Now this wasn't any ward party, this French family took a whole week off of work to do this. It was the Polar Express, complete with costumes, carolers (that was us), the nativity, Samuel the Lamanite, and HAY! It was incredible!!
We had a couple exchanges this week. I was with Sister Hoferl from Austria. She is amazing!! She finished her mission this weekend and will be greatly missed. She's a boss! The other exchange was with Sister Brusseau. She is so great, it was such a fun day! 

Highlight of the week was definitely Jonathan. He is our friend from Brazil, and he's getting baptised on Saturday! His flatmates are interested in learning the gospel, as well, and they will be baptised by the end of the year! Sooooo many miracles this week!!  They are making us Brazillian food tonight!  They were the zone leaders' investigators until they moved into our area.  So, all 4 of us met together to teach them.  It was awesome!

Moves call happened yesterday and I'm staying here with Sister Garner! I'll be here until February. That's about 7 months total in Dublin. Wow that's a long time haha but I love it here! We are getting new Zone Leaders though. That will be strange.  Our current Zone Leaders have really become some of my best friends over the last 6 months!  We've worked well together. I'm excited to see what miracles happen with the new Dub squad!
So this week was dandy-- we had the best p-day ever! We hiked up to this old palace that has a really crazy background. It's called Hell Fire Club so naturally, we climbed all around and explored!  Then we got our Christmas tree and decorated it!
Christmas is coming so fast!! I'm so excited to call home on Christmas, it'll be so nice to talk to you! 

Thanks for all the birthday wishes as well, I really appreciate it! 

Also, if you have seen the Light the World video, Grafton Street is in the video.. just to say how awesome this place is.
 Have an amazing week, get excited for Christmas time!!!!!

-Sister Stapley

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