Tuesday, December 6, 2016


I just want to start by saying I flippin' love this country. This week we were in Limerick for a day and Belfast for another few days. Belfast is decked out, the Christmas market is so bomb! More on that later...
 Zone Conferences were amazing :) Sister Garner and I talked about the blessings of baptism. It went really well! A lot of people participated and seemed to like it. It was so nice to see  'me' friends again, some are going home soon, so that was kind of sad, but man, I just love everyone to pieces! 
I got to see 'me' friends in Belfast!! I met up with Telis and that was amazing :) He is doing so well! He has the priesthood and is passing the sacrament and everything. I also got to have dinner with Maud, Jane, and Clara!! These are hands down my favorite people in Belfast, it was just like old times!
Sunrise over Belfast!!
 In Belfast, we got dinner the next day at the Christmas market! They deck out City Hall with food booths from all over the world. It is so cool!! I ate a kangaroo burger. It tasted alright, but not gonna lie, it kind of went against my moral code. Like, that thing used to be an adorable kangaroo. I'm still repenting...haha  (See picture at top....yes, that's kangaroo burgers!)

BEST PART OF THE WEEK! Bruno got baptised on Saturday!!!!! It was soooooooo amazing!! He was so excited, he was jumping around and just being hilarious. Everything went great!! It's been so amazing seeing how happy he is coming to church and everything. I love the guy to pieces!!
Well I think that's it. OH last Monday, we went to Phoenix Park. There was this HUGE herd of deer! So naturally, we had to go out in the field and take a photo. It was so fun!
 I love the Light the World campaign! It's so awesome. As well, I wish there was a Nativity festival, like the one at home, here.  It sounds like it's an amazing missionary tool. Those missionaries are lucky to have that event!
  Sad about the Product 19.cereal being discontinued...like really sad. I'll live. Just save me one box and I'll eat it in July.  My friends from home will understand my pain. 
We're going to find a Christmas tree today.  We're going with the Zone Leaders, it'll be quite the adventure! I'm still in contact with several people that have already gone home, I love seeing how the SIM family lives on after the mission!  
That's all I can think of for this week, I'm quite tired, but so pumped up! We have another 3 or 4 exchanges this week, and my birthday, so it'll be a fun week!! Our mission is on fire right now to try and reach our goals. Life is just so good :) :) :) I love you all so much, thanks for all you do!! Have an amazing week, get pumped for Christmas!!!!!!!!



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