Friday, May 27, 2016


TELIS IS GETTING BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY!!   And drumroll for affect...................HE WANTS TO GET BAPTIZED IN THE OCEAN!!  (we'll see if it gets approved)  Yes, this is the same body of water where the TITANIC sank.  We joked that the opening hymn will be "Nearer My God to Thee"....too soon? 

President Uchtodrf was awesome!  He spoke to our stake- which is all of Northern Ireland.   He is such an incredible speaker! He talked about making small changes in our lives to make a big difference. He also spoke about how we can each be a better friend.  He was so good and so personable!  People started lining up at 4am. About 900 people came, I'm not sure there's that many members in all of Northern Ireland.  We guess some members came from Scotland and the Republic.
The Queen's University
It was Sister Sams' birthday last Monday, so we went and had a picnic with all the missionaries in Belfast.  We played football and a bit of rugby (both non-contact), which was so fun! 
So Belfast Oktoberfest is going on right outside our flat. It looks like a party! They have giant swings and other carnival stuff set up in the city center. 
Hope everyone at home is doing well, try to make those little changes in your life to help bring about a big difference! 

-Sister Stapley

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