Thursday, May 5, 2016

Well, apparently Prince died.....

 I was saddened to hear about the loss of Prince. He contributed a lot to the world. Mainly the song Raspberry Beret. What a jam. Haha, raspberry jam....dang I'm good.

 Nap time on P-day. Poncho from Sister Stribling!

This last week we got to go to Dublin to visit the sisters down there. It was so fun, Dublin is beautiful! I was companions with Sister Muller again, and Sister Sams was with Sister Petersen, from Snohomish! We have a ton of mutual friends, so it was really fun to talk with her. 

 We have a new friend named Telis! He's 22, from Portugal, and is super cool. He loved coming to church and is loving talking about Christ! 

Chris is continually awesome. We're preparing for his baptism on May 14th!
 Woot woot!!

WE WENT TO FIVE GUYS THIS WEEK!!!!!! Literally, best decision of my life. It tasted like a real American burger and shake! Like, I almost cried. K I might've teared up a little bit, but come on, it's FIVE GUYS!
Not much else to report on here, the weather is improving! Well, actually, it snowed Thursday. But the sun is starting to come out more! 
Happy May everybody!

I'm super excited to skype home on Sunday! Hope everyone is well.
 Love you all!!

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