Friday, April 29, 2016


Yes, that's right!!  PRESIDENT UCHTDORF IS COMING TO BELFAST ON MAY 22!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I am so excited!!!! He's going to do a stake conference for just Belfast stake. It's going to be crazy awesome! I feel so lucky to be here for it!
This week we went to Boojums for my 3 month mark! It's like a Chipotle, so I was in heaven. The burrito wasn't quite American sized, but it was delicious! 

We leave tonight for Dublin!! We'll meet up with some sisters for a day, then come back up on Wednesday. It's about a 2 hour bus ride, but it will be nice to go to the Republic for a bit! 

  There were some parades in town yesterday, so on our way to church, we saw over 50 police jeeps!! (mom please insert photo of Belfast police jeeps. I'm not allowed to take pics of them) Literally, everything was blocked off and all the police were out with their huge guns. They're super friendly though, so we talked to some of them on our way to church.

Our mission has this new cool program called the SIM Squad (SIM meaning: Scotland Ireland Mission). It's these 6 elders that spend a week at a time in one area/city, and their job is to find all day... everyday. Then they move to the next area. Edinburgh saw a ton of success when they were in the area. They are such powerhouse missionaries! I'm hoping to see the SIM Squad in action someday!

Sorry there's not always much to tell.   We just do the same stuff everyday, so it's not too interesting to write about it.  We go chapping, eat lunch, try to talk to people on the streets, eat dinner, keep trying to talk to people on the streets. All day, every day.

I have learned so much about how to rely on the Lord. There's a quote by President Uchtdorf, an apostle of our church, that I absolutely love. He says, " Compared to God, man is nothing; yet we are everything to God."  It is so true. I have felt so insignificant at so many points of my mission, but God is always there helping me to succeed. I can't do anything without Him, and He has given me more than I feel I deserve. He cares so much about each of us and all we have to do is have Faith and rely on Him. It's not always easy, but He always makes it worth it.

So that's what's happening in Belfast! Hope all is well back in the good ole' USA!
-Sister Stapley

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