Friday, September 30, 2016

Literally everything happened this week!

Okay, this has been a crazy week. I'm going to throw everything out there and hope it makes sense.  First, here's the pictures from Stephen's baptism last week. 

Monday-We went to Glendalough!!! The pictures I send won't do it justice. Honestly, the most beautiful place I've ever been. We trailblazed for about 2 hours, then went and played in the river for while. It is a must see, literally so flippin' amazing.

Tuesday-We had exchanges with Sister Sly, who I love to pieces! We talked to our friend Boon that day, who was set to get baptized on Monday. But then it moved to Sunday. SURPRISE!!!! So our friend Boon, from Thailand, was baptized on Sunday :) 

We were in a trio for the week with Sister Hall, whose comp went home early. Sister Hall is just the best person ever, we had way too much fun.

Wednesday-In Belfast! I love that city so much!!! It was so nice to go home :) Sister Lumbama and I had a great day!

Thursday-In Limerick!! My first time in the city, it was beautiful!! Sister Hebbert is awesome, I love her so much!

Sunday-Boon's baptism was amazing :) :) :)
 "4-SWAG" in honor of Boon's baptism!
 Then........Moves call!!!!!!.  I'm staying in Dublin, and Sister Garner will come be an STL with me. She is honestly one of my best friends out here, I am excited to serve with her.  Sister Petersen (my dear Petey) is moving to Belfast.   I've had so much fun serving with her and will miss her soooo much!
This is moves week, I'll be driving up to Belfast today, hopefully I'll have some fun stories to share!!

Great week. I'm exhausted. Love you lots!!!!!!!

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