Thursday, October 6, 2016

Companion hopping, Conference, and Carolina Reapers!

Moves week went great! All the new sisters seem super cool, I'm excited to get to know them better. There are now 13 Sister teams in Ireland, so we are kept quite busy!
Ok, we'll start with the most exciting story of the week. On Saturday, I ate a Carolina Reaper pepper with some friends from church. It's the hottest pepper in the world. Let me tell you, I believe it. I straightaway chugged some milk to try and save myself, but it was too late. I literally felt it burn down my throat. The best relief I got was by putting a huge scoop of ice cream in my mouth and just letting it sit. It reaches it's peak hotness at 6 minutes. After the first 2 minutes, I was crying, sitting on the floor, and awaiting my imminent death.  I couldn't breath out of my mouth for about an hour. My tongue felt bruised for about a day. It was the best thing ever :)

I had a fun last p-day with Sister Hall and Sister Petersen. We saw a horse and an old rock bridge by a river. So ya, Dublin is flippin' awesome :)
We have MLC this week, so we'll be flying to Edinburgh Wednesday morning and fly back Wednesday night. It'll be a super inspiring day, I'm excited to see my friends there! 

Sister Garner is a boss. We are going to get so much work done, and have fun doing it!! Throwing it back to the MTC days, woot woot!
Don't mess with Dublin!
Sister Garner didn't get here until Thursday, so until then, I was companions with Sister Petersen, Sister Hall, Sister Hoover, Sister Clarke, Sister Bradley, and Sister Pinkston all at different points during the week. It was awesome, I love these sisters so much! 

So it's been a random week, so I've got some random stories.

I am starting to learn how to say "I am Batman" in as many different languages as I can. Dublin is one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world, so I am taking full advantage. I started on Thursday, and I'm already up to 10 languages. Boom.   I've made some new friends with this conversation!
Sister Petersen and I spent the day at the Ludlow's, where we did the travel arrangements for the sisters in Ireland.  They are a super cool family...hence the Carolina Reapers!

Our friend Boon, who got baptized last week, is the best! Every time we meet with him, he brings us some sort of asian fruit or treat to try. It has been quite the experience. So far, I've had rambutan, mangosteen, longon, tamarinds, mangoes, shanon fruit, jack fruit, and the most delicious coconut mochi in the world. Some taste amazing. Others are 100% disgusting. It's so fun! haha

My favorite conference talk was the one by Elder Robbins. He spoke about righteous judgement, and how we can become more like Christ through how we see and help others. I love how millions of people hear the same talk, but everyone can relate it to themselves differently. General Conference was amazing!

Love you lots!!!

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