Friday, October 28, 2016

KEVIN!! (Said in Home Alone movie voice)

Wowza, whata week!!!

On Monday, the Zone got together and played frisbee! It's always nice to go out and get to run! 

Tuesday, we were in Cork, like. We say Cork, like because everyone in Cork uses the word "like" after everything, like. Man, what a great city!!! We talked to so many people, and I got to spend the day with Sister Esplin, my homie since Day 1 of the mission :)
We've had exchanges pretty much everyday this week! I got to exchange with Sister Hebbert, Sister Pinkston, and Sister Coons. They are all such powerhouse sisters! Literally, this mission has the best sisters in the world.
Highlight of the week.....Kevin got baptized!!!! WOOOOOO!!!! He is so solid. We met him 17 days ago, and he told us in that very first conversation that he wanted to get baptized! So golden. We met with him almost every day to get him ready. It was so amazing to see how ready he was to change and become closer to Christ. He said he felt he was missing something his whole life, but the more he prayed, the more he felt love from Heavenly Father and he knew that everything was going to work out! 

Also, it's basically the Christmas season, so we've started blasting Christmas songs on every road trip we take. Will I be burnt out by the time Christmas rolls around? No!

Well, that's all to report. We have another four exchanges next week, the work never stops! I love staying busy and doing my part to make a difference. I love my mission!!
***Shoutout to Chloe DeMille!!  #1 blog fan!  Miss you!
-Sister Stapley

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