Friday, October 14, 2016

Fun, then MIRACLES!!

Monday-we played Frisbee with the zone at Phoenix Park! It was sooo much fun! All the new missionaries are a great edition to the Dublin squad.
Sintija joined us on visits!
Tuesday-we had a great district meeting and then got some quality work in! Our friend, Sintija, 21 and from Latvia, comes teaching with us a lot.  She just moved here.
To Edinburgh before dawn!

Wednesday- So we woke up at half 3 to go pick up the elders and make it to the airport for our flight. We got through security no problem (that's a first), and on our plane. Man, that plane was posh as all get out! Watching the sunrise from the plane was flippin beautiful as well!
Sunrise over Scotland!
We landed in Edinburgh and got to the mission home. The meeting was great, and it was awesome to see my friends as well. After the meeting, I got to catch up with some friends in Edinburgh and do some work there.  We then got to the airport to catch our 10:15 pm  flight.We were running to get there on time.  Aaaaaand it gets delayed!  We end up chillin' in the airport for a couple hours, just a bunch of missionaries eating crisps and candy, looking exhausted and trying to make lame jokes. Story of my life. We ended up getting on the flight and landing in Dublin around 12:45. Then we had to go through security, get to the car, drive the elders home, and then home ourselves. We were all so tried, it turned into an awesome party. Honestly, one of the funniest nights of my life.  We'd been up 22 hours by the end of the trip!
Headed back to Dublin

Friday-We went to Letterkenny and Derry! They are up north, it's absolutely beautiful up there!! The exchanges were super fun :)

Miracles though: We met this guy named Kevin! He's 21, originally born in the Congo, but has lived in Dublin for ages. He is so cool!! He's going to be baptised in a couple weeks :) :) :) We met him on the street, taught him right there, and he asked to be baptised! Like oh my great!  We enjoy spending time with him and talking about the gospel.  He's so cool!

Miracle II-Our friend Jason! We met with him once about 3 weeks ago, then lost contact. We met back up with him this week. Turns out he read the whole Book of Mormon during that time! He's traveling around Europe for the next 2 weeks, visiting temples, and will be getting baptised the Saturday he gets back. WHAT?!?!?! Honestly, I was so shocked! He is the coolest, he's going to go to church in Italy this next week, then London after that, then be back in Dublin in time to get baptised!! Oh my days.....

Love you all so much, hope you have a great week!! Heavenly Father loves us and is blessing ALL of us!!!

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