Sunday, February 26, 2017

Valentine's Day with my besties!

Awesome week!!
Highlight: Our friend Tumi got baptised!! WOOOO!!! Honestly, it was so much fun! Right from the get go, she has been taking notes and trying to learn as much as she can about Christ. She was so prepared and it was an amazing service! After, we went out to Nando's, classic :) I love Nandos!
We had a couple exchanges this week. I was with Sister Naef for a day. She is pretty new in the mission, but she is amazing! We met a lot of cool people and taught Tumi about the temple. Tumi is hoping to go to the temple in April!

I got to exchange with Sister Cheketts and Sister Garner as well. Man, I love them both so much! It was Valentine's day, so we got ice cream for dinner. Duh. Why not?! haha
  I was also in East Kilbride for the day with Sister Dahl.It was so fun to catch-up! We haven't served around each other for a while, so we had some good craic talking to loads of people.
I got to have an interview with President this week. We have them every 6 weeks now.  I love that man so much! He is so amazing and we got to catch up on a lot. Love it!
This next week we go to Dublin.WOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I love that city so much! We'll be there for 2 days on exchanges, then we go to Limerick for a day as well. It'll be loads of fun to be back on the emerald isle. 
I got to study about pride this week. Pride is literally the worst, it leads to everything evil. On the flip side then, humility is the answer to everything. None of us are perfect, everyone has a bit of pride, but it should be a goal to develop as much true humility as possible. Easier said than done, but it's a constant goal we can each have.
 Oh, last p-day. Wow. We went to the museum!!!!! It was awesome and we had so much fun! We ran around like little kids and played with all the cool exhibits and took dope pictures and ya, it was awesome!
Hope you all have a nice week, thanks for everything!

-Sister Stapley

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