Friday, August 12, 2016

3 Countries, 24 Hours, Dozens of friends! Conference week was a success!

What. A. Week!
So Monday we went and hiked to Hell Fire Club, a cool old run down building with a killer view!
 I had to get my Garda card this week.  It's basically a card that means I can live here. The Republic is super strict about it. So in order to get one, we had to go stand outside the office at 4:30 AM, wait til it opens at 8, and try to get out by 10. Imagine the DMV, and then multiply the craziness by 100. We literally slept on the sidewalk from 4:30 to 8. The homeless people were giving us weird looks. The funniest part is we were 10th in line already. By the time 8 rolled around, there were over 200 people in line. CRAZY
Sleeping on the sidewalk!
Tuesday, we drove to Belfast with the Zone Leaders to catch a flight to Edinburgh for Mission Leadership Council. MLC was such a cool experience! Elder Herbertson of the Seventy came and talked with us. He led a really cool study session where we dived into the parable of the talents. Wow, mind blown. I got to have an interview with him later, and it was really nice to chat with him! We spoke about the mission, about struggles and successes, and he shared insights with me about how I can help move the mission along.  I just hope I can measure up!  It was also great craic (pronounced crack, it means good fun and good conversation--the editor had to look it up!) seeing my friends from all over the mission :)
Right after MLC, we drove to Glasgow and flew back to Dublin. We nearly missed our flight, we arrived at the airport 15 minutes before it was supposed to leave. But tender mercy, it was delayed 30 minutes. God is looking out for sure.
Splits with Sister Joregnsen
Thursday we had exchanges with the Cork sisters, which are Sister Esplin and Sister Jorgenson!! It was so fun seeing my MTC comp again!! That night, we drove to the bus station and back about 100 times picking up sisters from all over Ireland and driving them to where they were staying the night. They were all coming to town for the conference on Friday.

Driving in Dublin

Friday was All-Ireland Conference! Elder Herbertson came and spoke again. He talked about how we all stand together and drive to defeat the adversary. President shared a bit about how our mission is like an athletic event. We have to leave it all on the field! I related well to it, it got me super hyped for the coming week! 
We had a ward bbq on Saturday. SO much fun!
It was so nice to see all my friends this week, it really helps lift me up! I am excited for this coming transfer (moves call is next Sunday, I'm decently sure I am staying in Dublin, but we'll see...), and I'm excited to see even more miracles!! 
Random guy in the subway with my name tattooed on his leg!
Sista Stapley Outtttt

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