Sunday, August 21, 2016

"In Dublin fair city, where the beaches are so pretty"

I'm staying in Dublin with Sister Petersen! But man, the rest of moves is crazy! Every single sister team in Ireland is changing except us. We'll have 11 teams to exchange with, and around 7 new trainees! Ireland is moving right along :)
Last Monday, we went to the pier and fed seagulls, it felt like home! Except these seagulls were vicious...about a dozen of them would hover about 2 feet right above where we were sitting and threaten us until we fed them. It was hilarious!
We went up to Belfast on Tuesday for exchanges! It was so nice to be back in Belfast :) It's like home! 
There is this couple we teach from Africa named Moses and Zenum. We went to their flat the other day, and they were babysitting these three adorable little girls!! We had a family home evening with them where they acted out different Book of Mormon stories! And then, they decided to do our hair. Fun fact, they all have weaves. So they told us they would do our hair like theirs. I don't think I've ever been in so much pain!  haha But it was so fun! 
I also ventured to Eddie Rockets for the first time. It's the "American Burger Joint" of Dublin. It wasn't American at all. But nice try. 
So ya, today we are busy moving all the sisters around! We're driving up to Belfast and back today and then driving everyone to the airport in the morning. It'll be a crazy week!

Love you all so much, I appreciate all the emails! I want you all to know that a mission is the best thing I could have ever decided to do. It has completely changed my life, and my future is going to be that much more amazing because of it. I wouldn't trade it for anything!!

-Sister Stapley

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